Tuesday, June 5, 2012

TV Recap: Breaking Pointe

I know I'm pretty late to the game on this Breaking Pointe thing, but better late than never right?  I was going to write about how reality TV is destroying civilization and such, but the truth is I LOVE REALITY TV.  I was also going to pretend that I'm really picky about which reality shows I watch, like I'm so superior because I only watch Real Housewives of Beverley Hills and not any of the other Housewives series.  But I think too many people know that I've watched Kimora Lee's Life in the Fab Lane to pretend I am classy about my television at all.

 The CW's Breaking Pointe is no RHOBH (an impossibly high standard), but it's not like it's The Surreal Life Fame Games (probably the worst thing I've ever seen on TV).  The easy referent for this show is obviously Black Swan with bitchy ballerinas being cutthroat at each other, but I think Breaking Pointe is more analogous to All About Eve.  Or maybe I just hope that this is true because All About Eve is a much better movie and would make for a better reality TV plot.  More after the jump with SPOILERS.

The obvious tension in the show comes from the relationship between the aging prima ballerina and the budding young prodigy.  However, I have to say this drama seems pretty manufactured.  While I think the whippersnapper Beckanne is incredibly ambitious and smug, and, while I'm sure prima ballerina Christiana is always looking over her shoulder and feeling the competition from young talent, I ultimately think that they both know that the hierarchy isn't going to change any time soon.  Beckanne isn't actually a threat to Christiana, she is much more of a concern to the ballerinas in the middle of the power structure.  

Beckanne was promoted to demi-soloist in this episode.  As she was quick to point out, this is incredibly rare for a 19 year old in her first year with the company.  There is another demi-soloist, Allison, who is 28 and I really think she is the one that would stab Beckanne in the face.  This Allison is definitely kind of a psycho and I  am definitely looking forward to some drama from her.

The show also has some romantic relationship shit in it.  One of the guys in the company, Rex, is in love with Allison and Allison thinks he is a sap.  At one point they are at a club and he actually tells her that he loves her and she goes off to grind with some other guys.  Rex is all "I want her to make a conscious decision to be with me!"  and Allison is all "He'd make a good boyfriend...for another girl."  Rex, you might fare better if you got rid of that 80s hairstyle, but I really think that she's just not that into you.

The other romantic relationship in the show is between Katie, whose contract does not get renewed, and Rex's brother Ronald.  Ronald looks like a Sparkle-Vamp, but Katie is adorable and has bangs!  I actually like this couple.  They're just crazy kids in love!  Katie has to go off and audition for other companies now and Ronald optimistically says that they are going to work it out no matter what.  Too bad that I think Beckanne is totally going to make a play for Ronald when Katie is gone, even though she supposedly is "friends" with her.

Anyway, highlights of the show: Beckanne really is a lovely dancer, there is a guy named Ronnie (different from Ronald) who has yummy muscles and he walks around topless a lot.

Low points: Why no ballerinas of color, Ballet West?  They are there in rehearsal and in auditions and stuff, but get no screen time?  Also the artistic director of the company needs to get better at acting, because I don't mind scripted drama but only if it's believable!

You can watch full espisodes of Breaking Pointe on the CW's website, and I'll have the next recap this Friday!

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