Friday, June 8, 2012

TV Recap: Breaking Pointe 2

Welcome to week 2 of Breaking Pointe!  Thank you for all the readers who checked out my post from Katie and Allison's retweets.

I have to say now that I know that people actually read this thing, I know I am snarky but I really don't mean it.  I called Allison a psycho in my last recap and I want to make it clear that I don't think reality TV is a reflection of what's real at all!  She definitely got a bit of the crazy villain edit last week, but I'm sure she and everyone else on the show are actually lovely people in real life.

Anyway, it's not really fun to be rational and fair-minded when writing about pop culture, so let the snark begin!

I have to admit that this week's show was a bit of a let down from the fantastic season premiere.  As a reality TV junkie, episodes tend to work best around a theme.  Last week's episode was great because it focused on this idea of competition and hierarchy; this week's episode was kind of centered around romantic and familial relationships, but definitely not focused enough to be interesting. Other viewers must have agreed with me, as the Nielsen ratings dropped from 1m to 700k this week.  I must implore you guys to spread the word about this show!  Even though this current episode wasn't great I'm still hooked.

On this weeks episode, the big questions are: will Ronnie renew his contract (yawn) and what will happen to our lovely crazy young couple in love Ronald and Katie?  Full recap with SPOILERS after the jump.

It's time for the dancers to decide whether they will resign their contracts.  Ronnie "Mr. I drive a motorcycle and have tattoos" is on the fence about whether he will stay as he didn't get the promotion that he wanted.  This is the most boring manufactured drama ever.  It was pretty obvious that he was going to stay.  What was he going to do?  Quit what exactly?  Start over at another company?  Become a principal at a crappier company?  Let's be real.  Anyway, he has a talk with his sister (see, familial relationship theme) and decides to stay (duh).  Ronnie, I like you when you flex your muscles topless a lot more than when you talk about stuff.*

Then there's some drama between Rex and Allison where they are all snippy at reach other, and then friends and again, and then maybe FWB, and then snippy again?  I have no idea what their relationship is, but I'm actually beginning to think that Rex is not necessarily a nice guy, but rather A Nice Guy (TM).  One of those guys that is all self-pitying because a girl won't be exactly how he wants.  Also, it seems that Rex can't be mopey and dance well at the same time.  Cheer up emo Rex.  Apparently Allison was in a long term relationship for seven years and it didn't work out because the dude thought she was too into her career.  Rex, maybe she's just not ready for a relationship right now.

And then there is dear sweet Katie with the adorable bangs (I have a type, okay?).  Katie goes to Idaho and gets a job with a company there.  I'm not sure I know where Idaho is, but I know its shape because it's on potato bags.  Katie says that she keeps hoping that the director of Ballet West will tell her it's just a joke that she's been fired.  I am totally on her side, it would make for a fantastic finale.  Producers of Breaking Pointe and reality TV gods, ARE YOU LISTENING?  Make this happen please.  Ronald, Robert Pattinson doppelganger, decides to stay at Ballet West after a weekend with his family where he talked about going with Katie or working on his career.  I wasn't surprised when he decided to stay at Ballet West.  However, they also decide that they will stay together when she goes to Idaho.  I will admit I teared up a little bit when they exchanged I love yous.  I'm rooting for you kids!  Like Miley Cyrus and Thor's younger brother.

Edited to add, yeah there was this whole story line about how people get jealous because people get all intimate when they dance their sexy Le Petit Mort dance, but this drama was so poorly manufactured I just didn't feel like mentioning it.  There was this obvious moment where Rex is dancing with some other chick and the camera makes it look like Allison is glowering, but I think she was just breathing hard and watching the rehearsal because she finished dancing something.  Which is a thing dancers do....Fake, fake fake.  I should be a consultant on this show.  If we're going to do a jealousy story line, there better be some tables being flipped over, okay?

Next week's preview looks good, with lots of dancing (moar dancing please, the highlight of this week was rehearsal of Le Petit Mort).  So watch this show everyone so that it doesn't get cancelled.  Catch it online here.

*This is ironic objectification guys.  IRONIC!  Anyway, the ballerinas also talk about how he's an exhibitionist on the show this week.  The man can rock a plunging neckline, I tell you what.

ETA: I forgot to add another highlight this week was the penis sword jokes.  In a ballet called Le petit mort (which means orgasm people!).

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