Friday, September 27, 2013


Grrr, my feet.
I dislike my feet for a lot of reasons.  They are weird and knobby with callouses.  My toes are freakishly long, and because my second toe is longer than my first, sandals never look right on me.

My newest gripe is that they've never been trained to point.  Because of yoga, I can flex and even floint like a boss.  (Flointing is when you point your feet but flex your toes.  It is really ugly, but it is very good for engaging your feet and legs.)  You know that when yoga teachers tell you to lift you toes and spread them wide in tadasana?  I can spread my toes like fingers and move each one individually (yeah, it's freaky looking).

But pointing is taking some time and work to become a habit.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Learning to Release: Magic Movement

As some of you may remember, I started my journey of movement study exploration because of the fairly traumatic experience of losing my job. I had never failed anything before, and it hit me very hard. I figured I should try lots of things I wasn't naturally good at to learn that it wasn't the worst thing ever. I haven't written about about aerial that much here, but that was the activity that really "took" for me. I've been training about two to three times a week for a year now, and my teacher has declared me NOT TERRIBLE. Trust me, I started out pretty terrible, and while I am not exactly amazing now, I am not terrible. 

With this new found not-terribleness at aerial, I've been thinking that I should try something out of my comfort zone once again.  Well, sometimes life gives you exactly what you're looking for in unexpected ways.  Yesterday, I was at the aerial studio for my weekly lyra class when my teacher asked if I minded if we took a Magic Movement class with Magic DS instead.  None of this really meant anything to me, but as fairly non-demanding person, I simply said yes.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Laterpost - Intro Horton at Alvin Ailey

I wrote this post a while ago and had been letting it languish on my Google drive.  Remembered about it because I'm looking for a class to take on Friday.  Anyway, without further ado, my write up on Intro Horton at Alvin Ailey.

From 4/19/2013

I LOVED this class.  Loved, loved, loved.  A bit too tired to write in proper paragraphs with transitions and things, so a list after the jump.