Monday, June 25, 2012

Catching up: Kripalu retreat experience

Hey there, I've been kind of busy lately.  I just came back from an amazing four days at Kripalu in the Berkshires for the final graduation ceremony and retreat of my teacher training.  It was heart opening, inspiring, incredible, and too much for me to put into words at the moment.  So I thought I'd post some pictures and thoughts instead of writing out a full post.

Also, I'm teaching at Hosh tonight, which I am very excited about.  I would love if you came!

A view of Kripalu
I took the above picture on the last day right before I left.  I miss it already.

Misty mountain morning view
Every morning I'd wake up (around 5) and go outside to look at the mountains as the sun rose before class.  There was usually a mist that obscured everything and made it all look soft and shimmery.  I am NOT a morning person, but I woke up early for this.  And to whirlpool, cold plunge and sauna before class!
One of the trails
I also liked to take walks in the morning.  The paths were really beautiful, even though I did get eaten alive by mosquitoes!  I wish I had had more time to go hiking.  And shoes for it.

Is this St. Francis?
Kripalu used to be a Jesuit monastery so there are still all of these little statues of saints and things around.  The bird has mala beads draped around it's neck!

There were bunnies everywhere!  I kept trying to get close to them but they kept running away.  Too cute.

Mama tree
This is the Mama Tree or Prayer Tree that is on the mansion lawn.  It's a very old Camperdown elm.  It;s beautiful to go underneath it.  The leaves form an amazing canopy and it feels like a secret tree cave.
The lake
 And there was a lake to swim in!  And a small sandy beach.  The water felt great.  I'm glad the weather was fantastic on our visit.

Fire "pit"
One night we had a campfire.  We sang songs and burned pieces of paper with wishes scrawled on them.  We were promised a fire PIT, but I thought it was more like a fire bowl....Still a beautiful experience though.
Lyra getting her hands henna-ed
One night we stayed up "late" (like until 11, which IS late when you are waking up at 5 everyday) hanging out in the dining hall and one of my fellow teachers drew designs with henna for us.  I have one on my ankle!

Graduation day
Me at graduation day! We all wore white.  I wore a long white maxi dress and some hair jewelry from India.

My certificate is in that envelope.  We had rose petals on the floor for the graduation ceremony and I kept one that looks like a heart.  

Anyway, I do want to write about all the experiences I had at Kripalu on this blog, but it's just so much to unpack.  I'm still integrating it and dealing with my training being over.  I had such a great time with my fellow teacher trainees.  I won't be sad because I know that I will see them again soon.  I am sure I am in their hearts like they are in mine.  Even if I don't see all of them again, I know we will still have a connection forever.


  1. Beautiful! I'm really glad you took photos to share with us. It's amazing to think of you waking up at 5, doing your morning rituals, and then hiking. Really, really awesome. One more check in the kripalu column. (Not that I actually keep score for the different schools I'm considering like Teal'c and the number of times SG-1 has saved the world!)

  2. Also, I'm no expert on Catholic saints. But the fact that he's holding an animal makes me think Saint Francis, too!