Thursday, August 23, 2012

OM my god, Aerial meditation!

So I've been away on vacation the last week, which is why I was lax about updating.  I was too busy napping on the beach in Bethany, DE.

Anyway, just a quick post to say that I have been doing more aerial arts!  One of my current favorite things is Aerial OM Meditation at OMFactory.  The class is basically what it sounds like, a combination of aerial yoga, meditation and chanting.  But what makes the class really special is the teacher, Seanna Sharpe.  An ISHTA yoga person (all of my favorite teachers who are not Kripalu are ISHTA) and amazing aerialist.  Below is a video of her doing cloud swing off of the Williamsburg Bridge in 2011.   She was arrested for it!  Seanna also teaches a donation based circus class, which I will be going to on Saturday.

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