Monday, May 21, 2012


Hello dear readers (as in the three people that read this),

You may have noticed my lack of posting recently.  Well, was due do a number of factors.  First of all, I am no longer funemployed.  Which is great because I have money for things now, but also sucks because I have no time for things now.  I am also doing my yoga teacher training through  It is the first year they are doing a YTT in New York.  It has been such an intense, amazing experience.  I "graduate" from the program in June and will be a CERTIFIED YOGA TEACHER!  I am also wrapping up a six week beginner ballet workshop next week.

I will be blogging about all of this again soon, stay tuned!

I took my boyfriend, sister and best friend/roommate to see ABT's Giselle this Saturday.  It was incredible and we all enjoyed it (or so they told me afterwards).  We saw it with Diana Vishneva in the title role.  You can read a glowing review of her in this New York Times article, which also includes a discussion of the other two dancers doing the role this season (Natalia Osipova and Alina Cojocaru). You can also read my sister's take on her experience at her blog.  I completely agree with all of the sentiments about how Vishneva is incredible, amazing, etc.  In fact, I do think she is one of my favorite dancers of all time.  However, I was also blown away by Polina Semionova as Myrtha, Queen of the Willis, which are these vengeful lady virgin ghosts.  I was captivated from the moment she bouréed across the stage in her entrance in Act 2.  She just seemed to glide effortlessly.  The corps did a very good job too!

Sadly, I could not find a video of Semionova dancing the Myrtha role, but below is a video of her dancing as Giselle in the pas de deux with Albrecht at the end.  Also, an additional video of Myrtha and the Willis from a 1983 performance at the Kirov after the jump!

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