Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lila at Studio Anya

Studio Anya describes its Lila (pronounced “leela”) class as "Inspired by a Hindu concept meaning 'sacred play' &/or 'cosmic dance,' Our Lila class offers both!"  It promised to blend yoga, Tai-Chi and modern dance. How could I say no to that?  Eager to reprise my blissed-out YogaDance experience from over the weekend, I stopped by Studio Anya before ballet class on Tuesday to get my dance and play on.

I should have suspected that this was not going to be the woo-woo hippie experience that I was looking for when I noticed that there were exercise balls set up next to the barre.  By the time I was squeezing that ball between my thighs and pulsing my muscles to blasting pop music, I figured out that I had been tricked into WORKING OUT!

If you read this blog regularly, you may recall that I do not work out aside from the occasional chair dip at home.  And to be honest, I have not been chair dipping all that much lately, although I have been holding plank to failure almost everyday.

All of the many five starred reviews of this studio stated love for the vigor of the classes here.  Again, I have no problems with vigorous activity!  I guess my main problem with the Lila class I took was that there was no focus on technique, and very little attention to breath and alignment.  A wise person once said "Yoga without breath is simply exercise."  I really felt the truth of this statement on Tuesday.  I guess it is just difficult for me to simply exercise because I could be in dance class, getting a workout while learning technique.  Or I could be in yoga, getting a workout while doing yoga!  Exercise that is just exercise doesn't really make sense to me.  If you like exercise with a twist, then you probably would like this class.

Having said that, I will be back at Studio Anya because I had bought a voucher for five classes on one of those deal sites.  Their studio is a beautiful space, and I look forward to trying a ballet-barre class (which I hope means that it will be like the barre part of normal ballet class without centre work) as well as Budokon (a mix of martial arts and yoga) at the studio.

Also, because I felt I really had worked out in the Lila class, I treated myself to Salted Caramel Steve's Craft Ice Cream, which is my favorite ice cream ever and they have a stand right now outside of Madison Square Park.  Ice cream makes all things better.

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